This was a more pleasing experience than I expected

This was a more pleasing experience than I expected, especially once I tinkered with some settings.As far as I can tell, the most popular app for comics is Comics, which sells and acts as a reader for many comics publishers, including the big two, Marvel and DC.The face of my iPad is nearly as big as a comic book page. Tapping on the right half of replica Omega 3506.31.00 Men's Watch screen I could flip the pages of a comic, silently so as not to awake my wife who is often sleeping nearby when I'm flipping through a stack of new issues.By default, the Comixology app zooms in and out of the panels of the comics you've downloaded as you try to read them, as if comics reading was an act done by telescope.

I experienced this feature first on my iPhone, on which I read my first Comixology comic. I couldn't stand it and made sure it was turned off by the time I tried a comic on my iPad.New comics are listed in the various Comixology apps every week, on Wednesdays for the most part, to match the sensation of picking up new printed comics when replica Omega 3211.30 Men's Watch they show up in shops in the middle of the week. On January 5, nearly 150 comics were added to the Comics store, from Adam Wreck & the Kalosian Space Pirates to Y: The Last Man 23. A lot of the comics are slightly old. Peter Parker: Spider-Man 11 is from 1999.

Justice League of America 12 is from 2007. You wouldn't find either of those comics racked in my local comics shop where anything older than last month is stuffed into back-issue bins, shredded or who knows what.Most of the comics cost $1.99 replica Omega 3575.20.00 Men's Watch except some of the newest stuff, like last month's Justice League: Generation Lost 16, which costs $2.99, the same price it did in the comics shop when it came out. The problem is, that, aside from the freebies, there isn't a comic in the Comics app that isn't more expensive than it seems like it should be.

Many games are not fun to watch being played

From Gridrunner to Tempest 2000 and beyond, his games have had a great style. Many games are not fun to watch being played. This one is. The minotaur head helps.Jeff Minter of Llamasoft playing Minotaur Rescue (iOS game) [YouTube, via Touch Arcade]UPDATE: The creator of this video e-mailed me to state that, yes, that's intended to be a replica Omega 3540.50 Men's Watch minotaur's head. Donkey ears would flop.”As we trudge through the myriad of gadgets, gizmos, reasons to spend, reasons to weep for humanity, we keep coming across these head-scratchers.Yesterday it was the EN-V doing deep, squat-thrusts in an empty parking lot.

Today? Today, it's this trio of performers paid to stand still and occasionally move slowly.C! E! S!Kotaku is on the ground at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, checking out all the show's biggest news about video games, tech and whatever weird stuff we can find. Dig into our full CES 2011 coverage.”I primarily use my iPad for video games, but I replica Omega 3552.59 Men's Watch realized recently that it could be perfect for reading comics, something I enjoy doing. But then I tried to buy someics have been for sale on the iPad since Apple's tablet first went on sale half a year ago. I remember the Marvel Comics app getting a lot of press.It's not because I grew up reading Marvel's competition that I didn't use the Marvel app or any other comics app until December.

I shunned them because I've long enjoyed going to a comics shop every two weeks to get new comics. I like that tradition and was unmoved to turn my iPad into a comics Kindle. I also had no interest in grabbing illegal downloads, due to my theory that the people who made the comics should at least have a shot at getting some money for them.My iPad would remain a gaming device.In the final week of 2010, however, I was away from a replica Omega 3570.50 Men's Watch comics shop, away from the graphic novels piled up near my nightstand, away from many things, but not away from my iPad and some cards printed with codes I could redeem for $25 of iPurchases.The Way It WorksI decided to try reading comics on the iPad.

A poker title that tracks your card-playing skills and pot across both platforms

Homefront To Use THQ's Online Pass [Shacknews]”Full House Poker is both an Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 game. A poker title that tracks your card-playing skills and pot across both platforms.While the Windows Phone 7 version of the game, due out this spring, doesn't let you play against other gamers, it does keep an eye on how much money you win and lose while on the go and then moves it over to the Xbox 360 version of the game when you turn that on.It's not the most exciting game to debut the Xbox Live avatars on, but it's replica Omega 3506.61 Men's Watch a good fit, and it's fun to play if you're into Texas Hold-Em poker.”Do you suck at fighting games? So does Kotaku commenter Masterage, but he actually has a valid excuse. Feel free to borrow it!I love fighters, but they don't love me.

I've just been told that my dyscalculia could actually be stopping me from correctly remembering complex combo chains. Would explain a lot, actually, as I tend to go to characters with viable but short combos or rely on the knockdown guessing game.Though unfortunately this means that I'll never reach a real competitive level without replica Omega 3210.52 Men's Watch learning some other method. Stuck at able to beat casual but not tournament sucks.About Speak-Up on Kotaku: Our readers have a lot to say, and sometimes what they have to say has nothing to do with the stories we run. That's why we have that little box on the front page of Kotaku.

You know, the one with “Got something to say?” written in it? That's the place to post anecdotes, photos, game tips and hints, and anything you want to share with Kotaku at large. Just make sure to include speakup in your comment so we can find it. Every weekday we'll pull one of the best speakup posts we can find and highlight it replica Omega 3212.80 Men's Watch here.”Hall of fame video game create Jeff Minter doesn't make bland games. They're a festival of old-school graphics and techno music. And he demonstrates his latest, Minotaur Rescue, while wearing a minotaur mask.This one's 99 cents. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks like classic Minter.

The CES 2011 trailer for Naughty Dog's next PlayStation 3 adventure

"The CES 2011 trailer for Naughty Dog's next PlayStation 3 adventure, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, had a slightly different conclusion than the one that premiered late last year. Call it an alternate ending, if you will.We were lucky enough to see the Uncharted 3 trailer in stereoscopic 3D at Sony's CES keynote, but if you want to see the replica Omega 3575.20 Men's Watch tiniest bit more from the PS3 game (in plain old 2D only), pay close attention to the closing seconds of this version. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is slated for a November 1 release on the PS3.”EA Sports today released a complete 18-hole flyover of Augusta National, as it will appear in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. The publisher has touted a laser scanning technology that delivers the iconic course with unusual fidelity.

A flyover of TPC San Antonio also was included; in a conference call on Tuesday, EA Sports president Peter Moore said the laser scanning will be used for new courses in future products, but so far has only been used to plot out Augusta National in the game.Need more postcard shots? Here is a gallery of 32 screens, everything released so far for the replica Omega 3222.80 Men's Watch game, which is due March 29. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Screenshots”The occupied-America shooter Homefront will require THQ's Online Pass - a one use code that comes free in retail copies of the game - to access the game's online multiplayer.

But accommodations will be made for renters or used-copy purchasers. replica Omega 3516.20 Men's Watch Those without a valid code may still play online multiplayer on all maps, but may only advance to level 5 (out of 75 in the game's ranking structure), reports Shacknews. There is no time limit on how long they may play, only the level cap.THQ's Online Pass, first implemented with UFC Undisputed 2010, costs $10 for someone who buys a used copy of Homefront with an expired or nonexistent code. It's similar to Electronic Arts' “Project $10” and the EA Sports Online Pass. The program effectively gives publishers a cut of used sales, if a used buyer wants the complete game, anyway.


There Replica Rolex watches were no dolphin killers in sight

Richard OBarry, who stars in the The Cove documentary, reports on his blog that things have changed in Taiji, Japan since the film came out. Dolphin hunting season has begun in the country, but when I arrived today by bus from Kansai Airportwith media representatives from all over the world, the notorious Covefrom the movie was empty. There Replica Rolex watches were no dolphin killers in sight, writes OBarry. The publicity from the film has made the community cautious about its global image, he says.Check out Outsides breakdown of The Cove at outsideonline and see the trailer above.Aileen Torres

Young popped the hood, yanked the 19-foot Lincolns original engine--likely the monster 430 cc V8--and replaced it with a more efficient plug-in electric replica Breitling A3936310 Men's watch model that gets up to 100 mpg and can also run on biodiesel when the juice runs out. Young had the transplant performed by John Goodwin, owner of H-Line Conversions and a green version of Pimp My Rides Mad Mike, whos been been a name for himself by eco-retrofitting gas-guzzling Hummers and SUVs for the likes of Cali governor and Outside All Star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only drawback? A $40,000 price tag. But, hey, the Lincolns got about 19 more feet of cool than a Prius. --Damon Tabor

Im curious if layering sleeping bags is an effective way to turn a three-season bag into a four-season bag. I currently own a Marmot Arroyo, and I wonder if tucking a Feathered Friends Hummingbird or Lark inside of it would do the trick for snow replica Breitling A39362-B5 Men's watch camping, paired with a four-season tent. I know you have both the Marmot Arroyo and a FF Swallow…care to head out into the Cascades and let me know?— NicholasSeattle, WashingtonYeah, glad I didn’t head out there this past weekend—blizzard conditions, followed by a near-hurricane, followed by torrential rains.